Sunday, January 20, 2008

Accepted and Applying

Knotty tree

Improv Cabaret got accepted into the San Fran Improv Festival again! It takes place July-August 2008. I know I've been saying Improv Cabaret is dead..well, maybe it ain't...yet.

Chicago Improv Festival applications are due in late February and the festival is in June. LA Improv Festival and Toronto Improv Festival are due in June. Hmm...I gotta get me some of my more recent video online to send them. Like stuff from NYC Fringe. Oh wait. I just locked all that up in my storage unit in Orlando. Mom? Are you reading this? Can you do me a favor? :) Well, I've got my San Fran performance on my laptop. I could use that I guess.

Ok well, there's some good news for ya. Yay!


Summer said...

I still like reading this blog- I have it on my typepad blog list and it's easy to access and part of my morning ritual now as I cruise my friend's blogs.

Kevin Patrick Robbins said...


We'd love to have you at the Toronto festival, but our deadline is the end of May. I saw you at DSIF last year and thought your show was amazing.

I look forward to your submission! It will be easy, online and available within the next couple of days.