Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Catch Me at Catch Me if You Can Maybe

Mannequin in patterned dress in shop window

Jamesson's face
Has everyone but me seen the GIGANTIC photo of Jamesson on Mills near the corner of Colonial? I saw it today and had a heart attack. Have you seen it? So awesome! Congrats Jamesson! It looks really, really good. It's a giant photo in the window of a photographer. So cool.

Catch Me at Catch Me if You Can
I am debating whether to crash that call or not. I'm not right for it, but it's the same casting company that called me in for Wicked. They could always type me out and I wouldn't lose anything.

A know some people at a major theme park that did not get their contracts renewed. I know other people who are opening their own shows on I-Drive. I know some who are getting trained for an off-Broadway show. I know others who are about to put on another season of shows for their theatre company they started just a few years ago. I know some people who are embarking on a huge musical in the summer. I know others who are putting on their very first Fringe show. Can't wait to see where everyone goes.

Tom Cruise video
I watched it and he does not go crazy. he talks passinately about something he believes in. If that's crazy, then aren't we all?

I attended Wednesday night's SAK workshop. Jay Hopkins taught it. Said some things I am keeping with me for my show:

-have an emotion about what you are talking about. Don't just speak. This made me think about the opening of my show. I could choose to be angry at the top of the show, and that would flavor the first 20 minutes. Or I could be excited. Any emotion. If I just chose one, it would guide what I said and I would be INVESTED in what I was saying.

-silence on stage is not bad. (me not speaking) It's more entertaining for the audience to take that break, that breath, pause, collect your thoughts and really make sense instead of lose your thought train, panic, keep talking out of fear and then crash and burn

-Laughter is not the best indicator that the audience is enjoying themselves. It's one indicator. If you can engage them without laughter than have peaks and valleys of laughter, that's better than a steady stream of laughs throughout the show.

-He also did this great exercise where people got up and did whatever they thought would "entertain" the class. When you (in the class) felt like the person (on stage) was not entertaining, you raised your hand. Wow. Talk about learning experience. Basically, it's hard to remain engaging and entertaining.

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What I ate today (Yes, I am back to this crap again)
Ok, I won't bitch and moan, but let's just say I saw a photo of me in one of my tour costumes and, um, I had a belly. yeah it was small, but it was there. I don't want the belly. So, I'm gonna just observe what I eat. Not making any changes whatsoever. Just observing.
7-11 turkey sammich
coffee with some hot chocolate in it
hot tea
another coffee with some hot chocolate in it
Diet Dr pepper
Coke Zero
Chik Fil A Kids Meal (and I did not eat all the waffle fries)
1/2 bag of carrot sticks (the big Publix bag kind)
whole container of salt-free cottage cheese (do you know how much salt is in cottage cheese?)
1/2 bag of recipe-size bacon bits

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