Friday, January 11, 2008

Gimp and the Fringe and the tour

Chandelier in Winter Park ladies' shop. All Rights Reserved.
Taken by Mark Baratelli 1-5-08

Gimp is crap
I hate GIMP! I re-installed it. I added "X11". Nothing. The damn thing won't work. Won't even open. Why is Photoshop so expensive? What is the alternative to these to pieces of junk? I have work to do!!!!

Fringe NYC
Someone asked me tonight (whom I haven't seen in a long time) how Fringe NYC went. I told him a majority of the performances were good (the show Improv Cabaret is improvised so there are chances to fail) but overall it didn't really "do" anything for me. I learned stuff. I got the experience of going through the experience. But what does that add up to? I don't know. I'm sure I'm better for it but honestly, I don't know.

Back on the road
I was singing through some of my music tonight for the tour and I was getting all excited about performing it again. (Irving Berlin's I Love a Piano) And then thinking about people I know in Orlando actually seeing me perform it got me even more excited. There are some moments in the show that i think are fun and people will enjoy seeing me do. And there are voices in the cast I think friends will fall in love with. (Not mine, my fellow cast members'). I think it will be an exciting night to have friends in the audience for this show if they end up coming.

Orlando Fringe
I wrote a disparaging post about my upcoming show a few days ago. I don't think there's anything wrong with being honest with your feelings. If you feel a certain way, express it, especially if it's regarding your own work. However, some people have told me that saying the things I said didn't make me look very good. I agree. However, times change, i change, I rehearse, I get things off my chest and I move on. Those thoughts I had are not the thoughts I have.

Also, every Fringe producer thinks their show is gonna suck. Please. There's always fear. Even if it's a sure-fire hit, beforehand, there's always that voice in yur head going "It mght suck!" Mine just happens to be using a megaphone. Haha. I know my show might also might not suck. And if it doesn't not suck, I've got a tour-able show on my hands, something I didn't have with Improv Cabaret. So here's to putting myself out there and taking a huge risk. Bring it. Sad blog posts and all. :)

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