Sunday, January 20, 2008

Im in Ft Lauderdale

Cake: My farewell show at SAK: 1-20-08
The cake from last night
(my last SAK shows)

My farewell show at SAK: 1-20-08
Signs in the Green Room
(my last SAK shows)

Ft Lauderdale
So here I am! My noon flight got pushed back to noon thirty. A cast member and I arrived in Ft Lauderdale around the same time, so we met up at the airport and took the rental car to the hotel. Oh my. They are treating us nice. We have 2-bedroom suites for the two weeks we are in Ft Lauderdale! So me and my roommie have a full kitchen, living room and kitchen table. I've already been to Publix and stocked up on food. Very happy with the accomodations.

Casting Changes
The actor who plays my sort-of girlfriend in the hsow is leaving the tour. I found out today her replacement has already been hired. I don't know when she joins us. Also, my roommate is leaving the tour in February. His replacement, I found out today, will be the male swing (the male performer who knows all three male parts). So a new male swing is going to be hired. i don't know if he has been hired or not. Rehearsals start tomorrow and the first show is Wednesday.

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