Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Thumbs

Thumbs Up
Sunday's Enzian Film Slam was fun as always. For $5, you get to see locally-made short films. Most of them suck in my opinion, but the cool thing is to hear the film makers do a Q&A, revealing their passion and dedication to their craft.

Thumbs Up
Mad Cow's Salon Sunday night was neat. It was mostly a soft-sell for their season, using the director of one of their upcoming plays and the cast of another upcoming play to illustrate examples of that night's theme, inspiration. Two videos from the TED Conference website were shown. Not much discussion happened. It was more of a lecture, to me. So I'd rename it "Lecture" instead of "Salon." The word salon indicates, to me, a discussion. That really didn't happen much.

Thumbs Down
January 5th I saw that Playwrights Roundtable. No offense to anyone involved, but this has to be one of THE worst things I've ever seen in Orlando. I couldn't tell you if the plays were any good or not because the acting was so bad. And to charge $15 is insane. And again, here's an event with a name that needs changing. The picture I get in my head of a "round table" of playwrights is a bunch of playwrights collaborating to make their plays better. That doesn't happen. So really, it's a local short-play festival. It's like the stage version of Enzian Film Slam. So change the name and charge $5.

Thumbs Up
I had dinner with Stephen and David at IHOP. I ordered what basically was a small piece of fake egg with enough meat on top to make a vegan vomit just by looking at it. it was absurd. I ate 1/5th of it and slurped hot tea the rest of the time. Our waitress was more anxiety-ridden than me. I wanted to hug her. The convo was great, too, with David and Stephen. They talk fast and use big words. My tiny brain kept up most of the time.

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