Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rehersal Day 2: Singing for a News Show

Singing for a Ft Lauderdale News Show

Rehearsal Day 2, Ft Lauderdale
The day started at 10:30am with a tv reporter and cameraman coming to film us in the green room of the Parker Playhouse for a brief feature on tomorrow morning's Ft Lauderdale news. We sang snippets from 4 songs and our music director talked to the reporter about the show and about Irving Berlin.

Then one by one, we took our new costumer through our costume tracks, showing her where pieces go and when we had quick changes. That was fun because I forgot half of them.

At noon we broke for lunch. I tried taking a walk, but it started to sprinkle, so I ducked inside a Jamba Juice (over-priced fruit smoothie place) to visit with some of the cast. They were talking about stuff I didn't know about, so I went back to the theatre and snapped some shots of the outside of it. Then I cooked myself some soup in the green room and ate an inexpensive lunch. I'm trying to save money on this leg of the tour. So, I'm trying to not go out to eat as much and doing more grocery-based eating.

Around 2pm we got into costume and did a mic check. I had to sing "How Deep Is The Ocean" and "Old Fashioned Wedding" a capella standing center stage with a couple producers, the general manager, the company manager watching.

The dress rehearsal felt nice. I took a few vocal risks during act one and they felt nice. It's fun to pretend you're confident because when you do, your voice sounds prettier. One of the actors even asked me if I'd had voice lessons over the break. Woot!

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