Tuesday, January 29, 2008

San Francisco Improv Festival: Expensive news and good news

Me at the 2007 San Francisco Improv Festival
(The above video is a full show!)

2008 San Francisco Improv Festival
So they accepted me into their wonderful festival again tis year. Super cool. Very excited. Another trip to the fabulous San Fran. A city too cool for me to step foot in. It's funny. I honestly forgot I applied. I turned in the application so long ago I'd forgotten. So it was a pleasant surprise to reeive an email telling me I was accepted! And now we get down to work...

I have got to make some serious cash at the 2008 Orlando Fringe in order to cover my San Fran expenses. (See below) However, my show for the Orlando Fringe is in a bit of a shambles. I haven't begun a healthy rehearsal routine, I'm debating which character to perform (self-help guru or Misty the southern whore), and I will be coming straight into the festival the very first day I fly back to Orlando. So I won't be able to hang posters or do any pre-festival marketing. But that last part is the least of my worries, now, isn't it?

Some expensive news:
For 2 people, round-trip, from Orlando to San Fran:
$920 on Jet Blue
$800 through Orbitz on Airtran
Some good news:
-The Producer wants me and the other act that week to perform in the San Francisco Theatre Festival taking place at Yerba Buena Gardens that Sunday. That's cool: another venue I can list on he show's resume.

-The 3 shows I'll be performing in the San Fran Improv Festival will take place at the historic The Purple Onion club. That's where many famous comedians and singers debuted in the 60's.
-find housing

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