Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Sequoyah Institute wants me to give a lecture

Happy Birthday Jesus!
Taken by me during a Photowalk
January 5th in Winter Park, Florida
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I bought a 2nd suitcase, did all my laundry, organized all my crap and am completely packed and ready to fly out Jan 20th to Ft Lauderdale. It's a great feeling to be ahead of the game. On the first leg of the tour, I chose to pack light so i didn't have many bags to carry. That worked great, but I wore the same hoodie all the time. Now with two bags, I'll be able to wear my hoodie and a few other sweaters. Also, this time I am not bringing an "office" bag. Last time I brought a small cary-on full of office crap like blank cds and office junk. I never used any of it.

I do Fringe in May, then possibly Girls 3 in July or August. Then what next? I am considering the idea of moving to NYC on a permanent basis. The whole she-bang: apartment, cat, crap job and auditions. I'd like a home-base, somewhere I can leave my stuff and return to when I am not working. A place I can decorate. I know the grass is always greener, but I do feel odd living out of a storage unit and not having a real home, even if it will be a rental.

Go to the Orlando Sentinel blog post about A Night With the Girls 2 and leave comment, please, if you saw it or have a thought about it.

I got an email asking me to do a lecture on Podcasting and the Performing Arts at The Sequoyah Institute in Oklahoma. Sounds like a fantastic and interesting opportunity. I wrote them back. We'll see where it goes.

Resolutions (Starting today)
-No drinking in 2008 (waste of money, makes you fat)
-Eat what i want, do one hour of walking a day, do strength training 4x a week
-Voice lessons and acting classes when I get off tour
-Choose to be positive and know that it is a CHOICE to be negative

Fringe Show
I've been batting around new ideas for my Fringe show. I'm not liking this self-help character. I can change the character. That doesn't matter. What matters is building up the ability to improvise solo for one hour. I can do 20 minutes right now with the self-help character when I record the podcast. And I was doing 45 minutes with Improv Cabaret. The only way to alleviate my fear and to get the ability to do this is to structure my rehearsals so that I basically perform the show, alone, and do not stop talking for one hour. I could possibly do that once a day. Man, if I can do that, every day, for the next 3 months, I'd be killer come May. Maybe this show won't suck after all. :)

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