Monday, February 4, 2008

Schmap wants to use my photo...and I let them

Some website I've never heard of, Schmap, contacted me today, asking if I'd give permission for one of my photos on Flickr to be used in their guide, er, Schmap, to San Francisco. I read the legal agreement, agreed to it and am excited to see if my photo will appear on the site. They pay you nothing for the use of the phot, but (a) I can say my photo is on some site called Schmap, the photo links to my original photo in my Flickr account (which, if users click to and then click around my other photos, could turn into more opportunities...or not) and they attribution below the photo. I chose as my attribution since it will link to just my flickr account. Two birds, one link.

The photo they chose is one I took of a piece of sheet music from the musical "The Last Sweet Days of Isaac." Odd choice to me, but hey, whatever.

What I would like is for them to find my photos of all the cities I've been to on this tour and start asking me to use them, too. Would love to share those.

Funny also. I'll be in San Fran in July to perform Improv Cabaret.


Summer said...

Sounds like a dirty word...

Mark Baratelli said...

"Frank schmapped me last night. Oh God it was so good!"