Thursday, March 27, 2008

My new show for Orlando Fringe: Mark Baratelli

Mark Baratelli
2008 Orlando Fringe Festival

My Fringe show this year is called Mark Baratelli. Last year I took cabaret into the improv world with Improv Cabaret. This year, I'm taking the one-man show into the improv world with Mark Baratelli. It's a one-hour improvised solo show, and at each performance, I will be playing a different character. So every performance will be totally different from the rest. Yes, thats a gimmick.

5/15 THU 10:50PM
5/17 SAT 7:05PM
5/18 SUN 10:55PM
5/20 TUE 6:00PM
5/22 THU 9:15PM
5/24 SAT 9:55PM
5/25 SUN 2:20PM

I hope you can make it out to a performance. That'd be nice.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Photos: Claremore, Oklahoma


The venue in Claremore, Oklahoma printed some publicity stills poster-sized. View entire Claremore, Oklahoma Flickr set.

PHOTOS: Galesburg, Illinois


A few shots from my Galesburg, Illinois Flickr Set.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Photos: Route 66

Route 66 sign
A few shots from my Tucumcari, New Mexico Route 66 Flickr set.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I am a fat man

Mark Fatatelli
I've become morbidly obese on this tour, gaining not only the muffin top, but the "Oh my God I'm out of breath" problem after bounding up one flight of stairs. So, I am proud to announce I woke up at 7:30am and did 30 minutes of cardio, ten of which were spent running. Then I ate two McRibs to reward myself. Chomp.

LaCrosse, WI
Show last night was fun. I thought the shows in Madison were high-pressure cuz it's a big city, so it was relaxing and fun to do last night's show in little ol' LaCrosse. I'd like to transfer that relaxed feeling to the High-pressure shows eventually, because (a) it makes the show more fun and (b) I perform better.

Solution: separate the blog posts
I've got three damn blogs and I always just continue to blog on the crap-tastic on, my myspace one. So, this, Orlandoartsblog, and just sit there, post-barren. This morning I accidentally came up with a solution. I had written a myspace post, and it just happened to have one paragraph that was perfect for (about and one pefect for (about a theatre reviewer's blog). So I took each paragraph, dumped them onto their respective blogs (and dumped the first to paragraphs of this blog here) and oila! I've posted to my three neglected blogs just from one myspace post.

Friday, March 14, 2008

At least there are no WHAT stains, Reverand?

"Pastor" Jeremiah Wright expounds on white people

This guy has every right to voice his opinion, but he is not doing anything to solve the problems he speaks of. If he knows how the game works, if he truly feels rich white men run the country, the DO something about it. Start a school, set up political education courses for black youth, encourage them to seek power via money. And on and on. But don't scream at people about your victimhood.

The last paragraph of a article on Obama's "He's not with me" stance on the crazy pastor made me laugh. This guy is nuts:
"In the interview last spring, Mr. Wright expressed frustration at the breach in relationship with Mr. Obama, saying the candidate had already privately said that he might need to distance himself from his pastor. But perhaps the two could repair things, said Mr. Wright, pointing out that Mr. Obama’s opponent, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, had faced worse.

“At least there are no semen stains on any dresses,” Mr. Wright said, one of several digs he has taken at the Clintons. “That kind of frankness scares people in the campaign,” he added.
No shit! You're insane!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I like me with hair

Me with hair courtesy of Krisha and James.

NYC people: read this
Orlando photographer John Baker is looking for people in NYC to shoot. "Hi All: I’ll be in New York with JBPhoto from March 26th - April 7th. $150 for a fully edited selection of up to 30 shots on CD. Please forward this email to any interested parties who live in New York city. I’m trying to build my NY portfolio of actors, dancers, musicians, comedians and models."

Write the music
More Krisha and James stuff. They wrote these lyrics. Turn them into a song and send me the mp3. Don’t tell them about it. It’s a secret.

When I know something I will share. Sorry to be so secretive, but I just gotta figure some stuff out and then I can share it.

Another Lindsay movie! Gotta see it!
Me and a gaggle of Orlandoeans saw the free preview of "I Know Who Killed Me" last year and it provided convo for weeks... She’s got another one coming March 28th! I don’t know if it’s gonna have a free showing, or even coming to Orlando, or be as nasty-good as "Who," but the movie is called "Chapter 27" and is about the assassination of John Lennon. Awesome. See it! (from

Me in a Lima, Ohio website article
Click on Mark Baratelli to read the article with quotes culled from my radio interview.

I was there and I was there
I was actually in Oklahoma when that Oklahoma senator’s audio recording came out in the news where she claimed to believe homosexuality a bigger threat to the United States than terrorism.

And I was in New York when the governor of that state came out and admitted he was involved with a prostitution ring... as in hiring hos.

Tragedy seems to follow me everywhere. :)

Mariah on SNL this Saturday

Mariah will be this week's musical guest on Saturday Night Live with Jonah Hill as a guest host. Mariah is replacing Janet Jackson who dropped out due to having the flu. (mmhmm) This will be Mariah's first appearance on the show in over ten years. Her previous appearances were in 1990, 1991 and 1997. Saturday Night Live airs live from New York this Saturday, March 15, at 11:30pm EST on NBC. Mariah's official site reports the two songs that will be performed are Migrate and Touch My Body.

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