Friday, March 14, 2008

At least there are no WHAT stains, Reverand?

"Pastor" Jeremiah Wright expounds on white people

This guy has every right to voice his opinion, but he is not doing anything to solve the problems he speaks of. If he knows how the game works, if he truly feels rich white men run the country, the DO something about it. Start a school, set up political education courses for black youth, encourage them to seek power via money. And on and on. But don't scream at people about your victimhood.

The last paragraph of a article on Obama's "He's not with me" stance on the crazy pastor made me laugh. This guy is nuts:
"In the interview last spring, Mr. Wright expressed frustration at the breach in relationship with Mr. Obama, saying the candidate had already privately said that he might need to distance himself from his pastor. But perhaps the two could repair things, said Mr. Wright, pointing out that Mr. Obama’s opponent, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, had faced worse.

“At least there are no semen stains on any dresses,” Mr. Wright said, one of several digs he has taken at the Clintons. “That kind of frankness scares people in the campaign,” he added.
No shit! You're insane!

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