Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I am a fat man

Mark Fatatelli
I've become morbidly obese on this tour, gaining not only the muffin top, but the "Oh my God I'm out of breath" problem after bounding up one flight of stairs. So, I am proud to announce I woke up at 7:30am and did 30 minutes of cardio, ten of which were spent running. Then I ate two McRibs to reward myself. Chomp.

LaCrosse, WI
Show last night was fun. I thought the shows in Madison were high-pressure cuz it's a big city, so it was relaxing and fun to do last night's show in little ol' LaCrosse. I'd like to transfer that relaxed feeling to the High-pressure shows eventually, because (a) it makes the show more fun and (b) I perform better.

Solution: separate the blog posts
I've got three damn blogs and I always just continue to blog on the crap-tastic on, my myspace one. So, this, Orlandoartsblog, and Creativitity.com just sit there, post-barren. This morning I accidentally came up with a solution. I had written a myspace post, and it just happened to have one paragraph that was perfect for creativitity.com (about drop.io) and one pefect for orlandoartsblog.com (about a theatre reviewer's blog). So I took each paragraph, dumped them onto their respective blogs (and dumped the first to paragraphs of this blog here) and oila! I've posted to my three neglected blogs just from one myspace post.

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