Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I like me with hair

Me with hair courtesy of Krisha and James.

NYC people: read this
Orlando photographer John Baker is looking for people in NYC to shoot. "Hi All: I’ll be in New York with JBPhoto from March 26th - April 7th. $150 for a fully edited selection of up to 30 shots on CD. Please forward this email to any interested parties who live in New York city. I’m trying to build my NY portfolio of actors, dancers, musicians, comedians and models."

Write the music
More Krisha and James stuff. They wrote these lyrics. Turn them into a song and send me the mp3. Don’t tell them about it. It’s a secret.

When I know something I will share. Sorry to be so secretive, but I just gotta figure some stuff out and then I can share it.

Another Lindsay movie! Gotta see it!
Me and a gaggle of Orlandoeans saw the free preview of "I Know Who Killed Me" last year and it provided convo for weeks... She’s got another one coming March 28th! I don’t know if it’s gonna have a free showing, or even coming to Orlando, or be as nasty-good as "Who," but the movie is called "Chapter 27" and is about the assassination of John Lennon. Awesome. See it! (from

Me in a Lima, Ohio website article
Click on Mark Baratelli to read the article with quotes culled from my radio interview.

I was there and I was there
I was actually in Oklahoma when that Oklahoma senator’s audio recording came out in the news where she claimed to believe homosexuality a bigger threat to the United States than terrorism.

And I was in New York when the governor of that state came out and admitted he was involved with a prostitution ring... as in hiring hos.

Tragedy seems to follow me everywhere. :)

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