Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Giving up

2008 is the year of giving things of, so it seems, for me. Here's a brief list of what I've given up, and for how long

Since: January 7
Time Lenght: All of 2008.
Why: Out of curiosity.
Outcome: Not much to report. I guess I am saving money and not aging my face prematurely. Those two things feel good.

Myspace, Facebook and

Since: mid April
Time Length: Last half of April
Why: Out of curiosity, once again. I had this theory I was using these sites to avoid responsibility.
Outcome: It's not just these three sites that I use to avoid getting things done. It's every site I spend time on. No web surfing I do is productive. This surprised me. And I noticed that in offline life, I do the same thing.

Big Carbs (chips, fries, white bread)
Since: Yesterday (April 29)
Time Length: month of May
Why: Would be nice to maybe lose a couple pounds around my waste before Orlando Fringe. Skinny guy with gut = not sexy. Also, I was in a Chik Fil A eating a box of waffle fries when I overheard this high school kid telling his friends he can't eat the fries there because he loses his six pack. Then I read a brief article in Men's Health listing 6 things you can do to get abs. They stuck with me.
Outcome: It's been one day. I did alright yesterday, but today after my healthy gorge at Jason's Deli, I had 2 small servings of ice cream with chocolate sauce (I never eat ice cream) and one small slice of dry Italian buttered bread.

Since: Tuesday
Time Length: month of May
Why: I drink coffee and Coke Zero... why? I just like the ritual of buying these products. Honestly. I don't think there's a reason why I drink coffee. I just like making it and holding it. And, I gave up caffeine once in 2003 and I liked the idea of not being on what is essentially a drug.
Outcome: I struggle not getting a free coffee in the hotel lobbies (I am on tour) and when I see a Starbucks, I feel that urge to go in. If I do, I plan on buying a bottle of water. It's the same price as coffee, but it's like 10 times as healthy.

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