Saturday, June 28, 2008

My birthday: June 27, 2008

In he morning, I went to an audition at the AEA Center that's unfortunately located right in the heart of Times Square, which is like I-Drive but everyone is out of their cars and walking around you. It wasn't for "State Fair," (seen above) but I can't find a photo I took that day at the real audition so that photo will have to do. Anyway, it was an Equity audition. I waited for an hour, was third on the EMC list and then they told me they weren't going to have time to see EMC/non-equity. Boo.

There's an Olive Garden a block away from the AEA Center in Times Square, so I had a little lunch by myself.

The lunch was so filling I had to go home and nap. I woke up later that night and went to Crumbs, a bakery, with Ed and Jacob, the people I'm staying with right now. Crumbs is MUCH better than Magnolia.


My birthday cupcake.


Ya got a little you got a....

Three girls eating at Crumbs asked us to take a picture of them. Ed volunteered. He made them post "like in Chicago" sitting on chairs backwards. AND THEY DID IT! He can make people do anything.

Happy Birthday. The End.

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