Thursday, June 26, 2008


My crazy friend Ed singing Celine, filmed by me

Tickets BOUGHT for solo workshop
If you know me, you know I do NOT enjoy buying plane tickets and making hotel reservations. I am sure the more I do it, the more it will not seem so scarry. But for now, it irks the hell out of me.

I signed up for a solo improv workshop for July 5-6 with the solo improv instructor Andy Eninger in Chicago weeks ago. Tonight I finally bought the plane tickets (train was more expensive) and paid for my bed in the hostel 9the same one I stayed at for the Chicago Improv Festival). Hostel is th DEAL! $98 for 3 nights in the heart of downtown Chicago. 20 minute train ride to the improv theatres. (They're all pretty much near each other sort-of).

The reason I am taking the workshop is obvious: 2 8-hour days working on nothing but solo improv has got to have an effect on Improv Cabaret. It's no secret that I want a director for the show. It needs it. I can only bring what i can to the table. It needs a second set of eyes, a director. And since I just uprooted myself and know no one in NYC, the next best thing (so that I can at least do SOMEthing productive to improve the show before San Fran and Santa Cruz Improv Festivals) is to take this solo workshop.

Met the future roommates
...tonight! The entire apartment will be two accompanists, one opera singer, a roommate we have to find asap and me, the wacky improv queer. The apartment is nothing special. My room is average size. I have to buy a window unit and furniture. There will be a total of FIVE people in the apartment... with 1.5 bathrooms. I know all of you home owners in Orlando are cringing right now. ME TOO! But it's cheap as hell, on the 1 train line, IN MANHATTAN and the place isn't a dump. So, you take the good with the bad, Blair. I move July 1.

Job Hunt
Still looking for work. My online portfolio is a disaster so part of my job hunt is fixing that problem. I may end up temping again. God, the last time I had a day job was 2006. I hope I can remember how to be bored and resentful. It's been so long.

Audition tomorrow
I've been hitting the equity chorus calls and the Equity Principal auditions and so far have gotten seen for Sondheim's "Bounce" and the Grinch Christmas show (Broadway and tour). The Grinch folks actually liked my song. Bounce? They smiled. Tomorrow is an ECC for My Fair Lady at Media Theatre. WAAAAY back in 2004 they called me back to read for the nerdy boyfriend in "Sweet Charity." I was so excited I sucked!

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