Thursday, July 31, 2008

Motivation and habit photo

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No Genie for me

Photo above stolen from Liam

Ok they don't hate me. I don't know what they think actually. I can't read their minds. Though I can read yours. And I love you, too.

But, I went to this callback this morning for "Genie" in the DisneyLAND show "Aladdin." I gave them hella-energy, I made a slew of high-energy physical and vocal chocies, pop-culture references (which they asked for). I took their script and ran to Haiti and back with it. And this is what I got:



Sunday, July 27, 2008

Musial Improv photos: Clay Robeson

Mark Baratelli in the solo musical improv show: Improv Cabaret July 25, 2008, The Purple Onion; 2008 San Francisco Improv Festival; Photo Credit: Clay Robeson

The 2008 San Francisco Improv Festival photographer, Clay Robeseon, got some awesome shots during the first two performances of Improv Cabaret July 24 and 25, 2008, at the Purple Onion. Check them out here on flickr.

Moomers: a cat sleeps

Moomers asleep, July 25, 2008
Photo Credit: Mammatelli

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Musical Improv: San Francisco Improv Festival

July 24, 2008
Mark Baratelli and John DeHaas
Improv Cabaret at The Purple Onion
San Francisco, California

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Purple Onion Venue

The San Francisco Improv Festival Opening Night - The Purple Onion
Originally uploaded by San Francisco Improv Alliance

I found a photo of the venue I'll be performing in July 24-28, 2008. The stage is so tiny!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Flickr, google and finding my photos

Faye Dunaway in Masterclass  backstage at Parker Playhouse, Ft Lauderdale, Florida
This is yesterday's most-viewed photo in my Flickr account. Some people got to it by Googling the phrase "Parker Playhouse Florida" using Google image search.

Starbucks sharing the calorie count now
Today's second-most viewed photo on my Flickr account is also the third-from-the-top result when you Google "new york calorie list starbucks"

Baby heads in Lanvin window display in The Venitian Casino and Shopping area, Las Vegas, Nevada
Two people found this photo by searching for "window display" on Flickr. Isn't this display awesome? It's something you'd see in Beth Marshall's house, right? :)

This day was not a highlight of my life, Pueblo, Colorado
This still disturbs me. People are still coming to this photo from a link placed here. It's been viewed 312 times because of that link. And you wonder why I am so paranoid about what I put online. This photo got put on a site for people who like men with shaved heads. Yikes! While I think it's a hideous photo of me, I love it because I can look at it and remember exactly where I was, how I was feeling, everything. Love this photo. I truly was miserable that day. :)

Fat Girls movie sign
Search for "fat girls" on flickr or yahoo, as two people did yesterday, guess what you find: my photo I took in Ft Lauderdale in January of a movie sign.

So what, Mark?
I don't have any big "lesson" to share. I just think it's interesting looking at how people come to view my photos. Where they come from, if they searched for a specific term or if they used a photo on their own blog. I very much want my photos to spread around the web, but in way I feel comfortable with. I've chosen to own all the rights to every photo not join the "Creative Commons" game. However, I wonder if this has disinterested people from using my photos in their blogs. I want them to use them in their blogs, so long as they're not making money off my photos, you know? Like, if you want to use one of my photos in your blog, you should be able to, so long as the photo lnks back to me and gives me full credit.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Lady Raptastic Episode 90: My Feet

Episode 90 Show Notes:
(LR-90.mp3)Intro music by Jeremimi, Word of the Day: Flism, Far Side Segment: Ladybugs procreate asexually, Letters Segment: Raphael (black and white) is glad I am back, That One Guy (no race given) asks if I go to church, Mary Muffs (no race given) asks what race Jesus was, an apology to Chocolate Cake for not wishing him a happy birthday, ,Wanda Wisdom (white) invites us all to call into her show (612-284-7299) for her 3rd anniversary program, Alex (white and might be a lesbian due to her boy-name) is a journalist with Wireless Flash News and wants me to contact her, will my feet survive?, black people do not want to be white, what does being black mean to this black girl?

Lady Raptastic:
-Voicemail: 912-CAT-LYKA

The Chicken Drop

The Chicken Drop
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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Acting is hard. Watch the videos.

Um, it is HARD (for me) to act. It's HARD (for me) to stay focused on ONE thing for an entire song. And it's hard to convey true, believable emotion, like love, and not either freeze from not knowing what to do or giggle while conveying it...AS EVIDENCED BY THESE TWO WRETCHED VIDEOS!

These were supposed to be two submission videos for the national tour of "Happy Days." I was lucky enough to get a response from my headshot/resume submission. They asked for a video submission next. (The auditions are in California). I filmed these, watched them, and of course am like....

My eyeballs are CA-RAZY!

So, I sent the links to my coach to ask him if I should dump these and start over, or send them. I trust his opinion 100%.

So, watch these two amazingly wretched videos and have a laugh at my expense. :)

Ballad: Secret Love

Uptempo: Never On a Sunday