Sunday, July 13, 2008

Acting is hard. Watch the videos.

Um, it is HARD (for me) to act. It's HARD (for me) to stay focused on ONE thing for an entire song. And it's hard to convey true, believable emotion, like love, and not either freeze from not knowing what to do or giggle while conveying it...AS EVIDENCED BY THESE TWO WRETCHED VIDEOS!

These were supposed to be two submission videos for the national tour of "Happy Days." I was lucky enough to get a response from my headshot/resume submission. They asked for a video submission next. (The auditions are in California). I filmed these, watched them, and of course am like....

My eyeballs are CA-RAZY!

So, I sent the links to my coach to ask him if I should dump these and start over, or send them. I trust his opinion 100%.

So, watch these two amazingly wretched videos and have a laugh at my expense. :)

Ballad: Secret Love

Uptempo: Never On a Sunday

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good Job Mark...but next time you think you could try and sell it a little?
I mean a little energy would be good!