Monday, July 14, 2008

Lady Raptastic Episode 90: My Feet

Episode 90 Show Notes:
(LR-90.mp3)Intro music by Jeremimi, Word of the Day: Flism, Far Side Segment: Ladybugs procreate asexually, Letters Segment: Raphael (black and white) is glad I am back, That One Guy (no race given) asks if I go to church, Mary Muffs (no race given) asks what race Jesus was, an apology to Chocolate Cake for not wishing him a happy birthday, ,Wanda Wisdom (white) invites us all to call into her show (612-284-7299) for her 3rd anniversary program, Alex (white and might be a lesbian due to her boy-name) is a journalist with Wireless Flash News and wants me to contact her, will my feet survive?, black people do not want to be white, what does being black mean to this black girl?

Lady Raptastic:
-Voicemail: 912-CAT-LYKA

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