Monday, August 11, 2008

Flickr: me all over the net

I've recently had two occurrences regarding my flickr photos and other people.

Amityville House?
Yesterday I finally looked at the traffic source of one particular photo of mine. One source is a message board for fans of the 1980s movie, The Amityville Horror house. As of today, 66 views came from this message board. But 71 views came from plain old Yaho search.

This day was not a highlight of my life, Pueblo, Colorado
The first message board to link to a photo of mine was, gulp, for people who had a fetish for men with shaved heads. This photo of me got 300 hits. I am not placing judgement on anyone, but it's hilarious to me that (a) over 300 people viewed this terrible photo of me (b) who have a fetish for shaved heads while the photo was taken on a terrible day, hence the expression of horrible on my shaved head.

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