Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A tired tiny actor in a big city

I feel tired. It's 7:42pm and I've been guzzling caffeine and hauling a laptop around the city since morning.

10:30am Some theatre in FL decided to not see non-equity auditioners at the Equity office.

11am: A Jim Henson show at Goodspeed saw non-equity. I got in sang, and left.

12:00pm: lunch at Dallas bar-que in Chelsea. Their Spinach salad with chicken is the largest salad I've ever been served. Their drink service is new to me: $1.50 for small diet coke, $2 for large in a Margharita glass (!!!), neither comes with refills.

1:00pm: walk to Whole Foods for the low-carb snack bars. Super cheap so I buy two.

1:30pm: walk to Esparks at 8th and 26th-ish to kill time before my 6:30pm audition in midtown. Tag/title my San Francisco photos, answer email and have a wonderful phone call with Beth Marshall.

4:30pm: walk aimlessly in Chelsea, wondering what to do for 2 hours. Stop on street corners and stand, wondering where to go, really! I walk down to 14th and eat a small plop of tuna at a food bar place while reading my Sidekick.

6pm: Ride the A,C,E to 42nd, get coffee and take the elevator to the 14th floor of this building I hadn't been in since 2004. I wait half an hour then change back into my walking clothes. I decided I'd waited long enough. I was tired, the day was long and I was in a children's theatre rehearsal hall. Of course, right before I board the elevator, Ed's friend Mark calls me in. Oops! Embarassing! I sing and read. I don't know how to act! They had me sing a ballad after my first crazy song. I then did 2 reads and was outta there.

7pm: I then got frozen again. Where do I go? How do I get home? I calmed down and headed toward the heart of tourist town, where the train is. I walked and saw Ruby Tuesday? Do I go out to eat twice in one day? Yes. They have a cheap all-you-can-eat salad bar and I am hungry. Cheap and healthy dinner.

8:30pm: Now I gotta get on the train(s) back home. About a 45 minute treck. With the laptop, feels like more. Poor me! Ha!


Summer said...

I like following this blog of yours.

Mark Baratelli said...

Thank you! I double-post my myspace blog posts here on a "real" blog.