Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Audition: Monday Sept 15

I filmed a bee on a flower last week in Central Park

Auditon: Monday, September 15
The Drowsey Chaperone non-equity National Tour
Monday morning I drag my ass into the "Drowsey Chaperone" national tour men's open call at 10am (which means I was late. The call STARTED at 10am. You should be there by 8am to get a decent slot), to find that I am number 110. Dammit. I wait in the waiting room until 1pm to be seen. Luckily it's men only, so the room is (not trying t be sexist, but at these calls, it's true) quiet. Thank God.

So it's finally my turn to line up and go into the audition room. I walk in and I am greeted with "Are you gonna do it?" It's the supa-fly casting director. He wanted to know if Iw as gonna sing a particular audition song. What a way to kick start an audition! A request! And excitement! Love that!

Then he tells the other casting director who's helping him out "Sit down, you have to see this."


He warns Jason Wetzel (musical director from Orlando!) too.


I'm thinking "Damn now I really have to deliver!"

In the hallway before I went in, I decided I'd try something new. Robyn P. I must confess. I stole something from you and used it. Thank you. I've heard her do this before... she'll count off before she sings, but instead of singing "6, 7, 8" she goes "7, 8, 9" which is funny as hell to me. So I tell the pianist (who I recognize and who recognizes me from Annie callbacks last yer) once I am in the room that I am gonna count him off weirdly. He's cool (in general and with my little idea) and I go to the middle of the room.

7, 8, 9....

Well, I do the song. You've heard the recordings. You know what I do. But there's this one section at the end that I leave open for improv. I've just sung a big note, then turn away from the table, in character, facing the wall to "catch my breath" and do something. In the past, I've touched or played with something behind me, spoken out lout things like "my vibratto sounds fantastic in here" or, you know, that kind of self-indulgent character-type thing.

This time, I sing the big crazy note, turn around, and there's a bulletin board with five clear plastic thumbtacks. There's one white sheet of paper as well. I take one of the thumb tacks, pause the note briefly, casually say "I'm going to put that there" while moving the thumb tack from one spot to another, turn around and belt/scream the final words/ notes.

SOOO retarded! Bhe reaction was positive from the people behind the table and I got callback for...

Man in Chair!!!

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