Sunday, September 21, 2008

Podcasting role model: me!

I got a shout-out in a comment on Episode 58 of "Eat This Hot Show."
"Great show, fascinating conversation. I liked how you pointed out the lack of gay role models in mainstream media. And although that may be true, I have found great gay role models in podcasting. In my opinion all three of you are amazing gay role models. The first one I found was Ragan Fox, then he led me to Eat This Hot Show, which resulted in me becoming a fan of Madge and Wanda’s shows. Then Auntie Vera popped in via Madge and it kept going. Now I know many gay role models, albeit they’re in podcasting and not mainstream, but I know that this country has a strong gay presence. You see it in Madge, Wanda, Ragan, Vera, Mark Baratelli, all of you are trying to bring this media up and use it to spread our message. And I love you for it."

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