Monday, September 1, 2008

Stuff on a stick

Ad for a partyI HAD to take a picture of THIS.

Improv Cabaret
Applied to Denver Improv Festival and (too early) the Dirty South Improv Festival. Got some advice from Andy Eninger (in Chicago) about hiring a director in NYC and some advice from someone else about cruise ships. My friend wants me to learn piano so I don't have to hire pianists for gigs. Miami invited me down to perform (and split the house!) and I am waiting to hear back from Boston on a performance/teaching combo thing with them. Also, out of nowhere, someone in Livingston, Montana contacted me. And I wanna bring the show back to 2009 Fringe: 30-minutes, blue venue.

The move was easy. The move FORWARD is hard. And I have no qualms about moving back to Orlando, or to Chicago or LA or Nova Scotia. Wherever. Doesn't matter to me, so long as I can do something creative.

Marketing Stuff
Spoke on the phone for an hour with some people from Mad Cow. I stepped down from doing the 09 Orlando Fringe website. I wrote Universal Orlando in reference to my blog. There's an arts marketing conference in a couple months in Texas. And in small news, I re-organized my Google reader and subscribed to ten new podcasts, all of them news-based.

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