Friday, October 31, 2008

Photos: Central Park


I walked around Central Park yesterday. Wow. I did it again today. Even more wow. The leaves. Maybe because I'm from Florida and we don't have leaves, but just looking at orange and yellow leaves is like, wow. My photos of Central Park from yesterday.

So today when I got to Central Park, I checked my camera (charged, empty memory card ready to be filled up, Central Park staring at me in all it's leafy goodness) and it was telling me I had one photo left to take on my memory card. Long story short, it was giving me trouble yesterday, so I bought a new memory card. Today, more trouble. There I was, at Central park, ready to snap away, and I couldn't. So I just walked around and pretended like seeing it all was as good as taking photos of it all.

When I see something that makes me want to take a photo, it's like, in my gut. So when I can't, and those "somethings" are all around me, on a walk, for over an hour. Yeah, frustrating.

When the walk was done and I was on my way home, I realized. My new memory card... that I thought was back home in Brooklyn.. was in my damn camera case.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

My radio interview: Oct 20, 2008

Logan Donahoo, host of a radio show on WPRK 91.5 called "This Complete Breakfast," invited me to come on the show for an interview.
-Download the mp3
-Listen to all my radio interviews
The interview took place at 7am on October 20, 2008. I was on Skype in New York City and he was patching me into the WPRK set-up in Orlando, Florida. We discuss my background in theatre, SAK, Improv Cabaret and the tour I am going on in November.

Rain: it's a bitch

Guerilla Art in store windows: Sick Tweety bird
This is how I felt today because of the rain
(A piece by the artist Banksy)

Rain: it's a bitch
I step out of my apartment today around 2:30pm to go into the city for a full day of activity and leisure and one errand... and the rain began. A slight rain, nothing requiring an umbrella, but a menacing presence always there, all day, making me cold, making me duck under awnings for a respite, turn away from outside activities I had come into the city to do and, worst of all, made me leave the city before I was through my day.

It got worse. I needed an umbrella. But, the wind was so bad at times that having one appeared more aggravating than helpful. So I didn't buy one. So I got wetter as the day progressed.

The rain did not end, even as I was walking into my apartment at 9:15pm.

Rain is a bitch.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Photos: Costume Fitting

Note: Nothing I say or do on this blog reflects that thoughts, views and opinions of any company I work for, past or present.

The fabric the coat will be made from

The fabric the shirt and pants will be made from

I wear this in another scene: neon green baby!

A walk through Central Park

All photos and video by me








Burn this blog after reading it at Ruby Tuesdays

I had my fitting today. You know what for. My costume is being totally built from scratch, from the ground up. I am so lucky and grateful! They took all my measurements, fitted me for scene 1 where I stand and do nothing (the costume is a caftan and turban- like an obese Norma Desmond/housewife in the 70s), fitted me in a pair of fake pants (it was a mock-up made of this oatmeal-colored fabric), talked to me about how comfortable I am showing my chest (I'm not), told me the costume would have (a) a fierce purple coat I can whip around and (hopefully) do coat-ography with and (b) gold boots. Yahoo! I am in business. I think I am going to love this costume.

Burn After Reading
Saw it tonight in the hellpit of Times Square. I honk-laughed throuh the entire dang movie. Loved it. My kind of movie. Again! Again!

Cooper Hewitt
This museum, in one word: underwhelming. It's a stunning home-turned-museum, and the people running it hide the home to give the art the focus. When you have a museum in a house like this, it's immoral to hide the home. If you want to celebrate and share art, and the museum building is a piece of architectural art, don't hide it. I want the entire staff fired, the house refurbished to it's original state and start anew. Also, more art! The place is empty. Thank God I didn't pay admission. It's free for a week or so, during National Design Week. Go now before it goes back to $20/person. (Rip off)

Ruby Tuesday
Deep in the hellpit of Times Square there is an oasis... Ruby Tuesday. Yes it's not some hip hole in the wall, it's a chain. However, the salad bar gives you a ton of veggies for about $10. A cheap and healthy eat. Rare in this over-priced city. And even rarer in tourist-stuffed Times Square.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

back on the bus

I'll be back on the bus soon

Monday, October 20, 2008

There's a black couple on my couch, officer

Calling 911

Old white woman: "Yes, officer, there is an attractive black couple in my house on my couch. I don't know where they came from. I'm scared, officer."

Couple: "When she hangs up, you close the shutters and I'll get the gasoline. This bitch is gonna burn."

(This is a photo of two signs on a subway side by side.)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

There's an Asian in my fridge, officer!

Subway sign

Old white woman: "Yes, there's this small Asian child in my house going through my refrigerator. I don't know where he came from. I'm scared, officer."

Child: Who you on the phone with, bitch?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The parents should be jailed

Child protective services? Hello? This kid is 400 pounds.

I am putting on pants

I am actually seeing some theatre (and one movie) this weekend. Finally. Tonight at 8pm I am seeing Capture Now at 45 Bleecker Street Theatre. Then at midnight I'm seeing the Rockey Horror Picture Show in Chelsea. And Sunday Sleepwalking With Me at 7pm.

Friday, October 17, 2008

WANZIEgram show me some LOVE!

A HUGE thank you and long-distance hug to the people behind the long-running WANZIE-gram! This week's WANZIEgram gave me some super-awesome support! (View it online here.) They mentioned me going out on tour, listed the Florida dates of the tour, and gave a link to my post on The Daily City about the new TKTS ticket booth in Times Square.

Props and thanks to WANZIE and Rich for the support.


(If you don't know what the WANZIEgram is, sign up for it. Send an email to and ask to be put on the list. It's a very popular email list that focuses on events in the gay community and the performing arts world in Orlando.)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


IMG_6390, originally uploaded by drivebysh00ter.

Put a Ring on it
Gad! I cannot get enough of Beyonce's new video and song. It's like it's 2004/Crazy in Love all over again. The 'ography is killer, the concept is killer. And yes, I am retarded.

My goal
I have decided that before I die, I want to be in a Blue/Varietease production as a singer. There, it's out. I've been hiding this for a LONG time. I SO want to collaborate with that whole gaggle of creatives. I'm being all "The Secret" here. Make it happen, universe.

I did my third ever official NYC reading tonight. After three readings, what have I learned? If I don't understand the plot and my place in it, I suck. This same thing happens in improv. I'm grateful I got to have these three readings/experiences before I head off on the road to scream at Jesus for seven months.

Seneca Pork Store: a pork store?

Now this was a niche.

Hoodie: the last photo

I took this photo right before I went into the gym this morning. I always take my hoodie off, put it into an unlocked locker (it's always safe) and begin my work out. I did that same thing today, did my work out, went to the locker and my hoodie was gone. :(

So this picture that I thought was gonna be funny (me in front of a rotisserie at 8:15am) i now sad. Someone in Ridgewood is wearing my black hoodie.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Photowalk: NYC

Wind at the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market

What's in a name?
Oh dear.

Yes. They are.
A Haiku

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I got spat on at Starbucks

Friends Don't Let Friends Drink Starbuck bumper sticker, Pony Espresso Coffee Shop, Wickenburg, Arizona
Wickenburg, Arizona 3-27-08
Photo Credit: me

I TOTALLY forgot to share this story. So yesterday I was at a Starbucks (one I've only bought a coffee at, never sat down for 4 hours and worked on something like I did yesterday) and I'm working on a whole new (I know, you're thrilled, right? Shut up. I think it looks hot.) and out of nowhere, this girl who is standing behind me (I am seated, diligently working on my laptop) laughs... and she f***ing spits Mocha-Frappa-Whatever ALL OVER MY BACK and my table, my arms and a bit on my laptop screen. Go ahead and laugh. It's funny as hell. I was in shock, like I had just been mugged. I turn around and the girl runs into the bathroom.

She has a friend though. I acknowledge that I have been spit upon. haha. I don't know what I say but it's something stupid probably. The spatting girl came out of the bathroom after she calmed down and apologized and then... left with her friend.

I got my own napkins, I wiped her Mocha-Spit off my sweater (which hasn't been cleaned in weeks anyways) and sit down to my laptop... and there's her Mocha-Spit on my screen. I ge up again and wipe the screen off. Then I see her spit-speckles here and there on the arms of my sweater, the table, the keyboard... it's just surreal.

Someone spat all over me at a Starbucks.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Vice Presidential Debates LIVE on my laptop

Watching the vp debates on on the laptop
I watched the VP debates on my laptop, streaming live on
Sorry, it sounds geeky, but isn't that cool?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Caroline's on Broadway: made me uncomfortable

At the Caroline's Comedy Club stand-up show I watched last night, there were three pre-show comedians and one headliner. The headliner: very entertaining, positive, gleeful, not my type of comedy but he definitely had a positive attitude and gave a great big show.

There was one thing really got under my skin about the other three: they talked about how we weren't laughing when we weren't laughing... and not in a creative, charming way.

They gave us many reasons why we weren't laughing: we are quiet by nature, we are stupid or we are rude (how dare we come to their place of work and not laugh at them). It bounced between these three... after almost every single joke.

I never saw a moment when these three made an adjustment to suit the crowd or even acknowledge that THEY might be the reason we're not laughing.

It got so bad, so uncomfortable at times that I thought it must be a "thing" stand-up comedians do: make a semi-not-good situation hellish.

I learned so much from the three guys:
1. It's your job to get the audience to like you.
2. If they don't like you, be positive and move forward.
3. Don't blame anyone if you have no plan B, C, D, and on...
4. Quiet from the audience doesn't mean they're not entertained.
5. Stand-up is hard if your material sucks and you have a bad attitude.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Museum of American Finance

The museum knew this. Why didn't we?
Museum of American Finance: Why weren't we talking about all this back then?

Liquidity might have prevented the depression
Museum of American Finance: Liquidity might have prevented the great depression.

In percentage terms, 87's crash fell further than 29's.
Museum of American Finance: In percentage terms, 87's crash fell further than 29's.
However, in after 87's, the government provided liquidity (cash)
to the economy, and a depression was avoided.

The inherent vice of capialism (Winston Churchill quote)
This quote makes me angry.

Museum of American Finance:
I rode the M (I never ride the M, always the L) downtown and found this amazing museum. I know nothing about money or finances or any of that crap (I own ten shares of Starbucks and have a Roth IRA) yet, because of all this insanity (777 drop, 700 billion plan rejected, elections, etc) I found the museum enthralling.

It had everything: the history of this country's use of cons and paper money (started with beaver pelts and oyster shells), video interviews with modern-day entrepreneurs (like the founders of Zipcar, jetblue, and some boutique in Harlem), the history of the stock market, what is a bond?, ticker machines, Fortune magazine (which was founded in 1930, the year after the 1929 stock market crash. Who knew?) and bunches of other stuff I barely grasped the concept of.

While I was looking at a case describing stock trading via posters and objects, a man approached the case, pointed out the hand-held devices and told his friend he used to use those. Then he walked over the bull metal sculpture that used to be in the Stock Exchange's "luncheon room" and told his friend that as folks would leave the room, they'd rub the bull for good luck. I guess he used to work on Wall Street.

And now, thanks to the museum, I know what "bull" and "bear" mean. Bull means the market is going up, because a bull uses it's horns to push in an upward direction. A bear means the market is going down, because when a bear fights, he swipes his paw downwards. Stupid, right?

And the 3-minute video on the '87 crash was very interesting. I watched it 3 times and kept going back and forth between that case and the 1929 crash case. And, I learned, there was a 1907 crash after which JP Morgan got his rich friends to put 25 million into the economy to prevent future disaster. So, 1907: rich people helped, avoided problems; 1929: gov't didn't help, problems; 1987: gov't helped: avoided problems (to a degree. There was no depression at least); 2008: don't know what gov't is gonna do.

Ooh, and you wanna know why Washington DC is the capital of the US, and not NYC? Alexander Hamilton made a deal with someone to allow the gov't to assume all the debt of the country in exchange for moving the capitol.

I have no new information from what I knew last Friday. No comment.

On a brighter note, I'll be doing a play Oct 17, 18 and 19 written by Pope John Paul when he was a youngin'. (Jesus Christ Superstar and now the Pope.) I got the offer out of the blue this afternoon over the phone while in the museum. I play an unhappily married man in the second act of the 3-act play.

Personal Space yellow warning tape
Saw this on the walk back home tonight on 14th street. Funny, right?