Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Burn this blog after reading it at Ruby Tuesdays

I had my fitting today. You know what for. My costume is being totally built from scratch, from the ground up. I am so lucky and grateful! They took all my measurements, fitted me for scene 1 where I stand and do nothing (the costume is a caftan and turban- like an obese Norma Desmond/housewife in the 70s), fitted me in a pair of fake pants (it was a mock-up made of this oatmeal-colored fabric), talked to me about how comfortable I am showing my chest (I'm not), told me the costume would have (a) a fierce purple coat I can whip around and (hopefully) do coat-ography with and (b) gold boots. Yahoo! I am in business. I think I am going to love this costume.

Burn After Reading
Saw it tonight in the hellpit of Times Square. I honk-laughed throuh the entire dang movie. Loved it. My kind of movie. Again! Again!

Cooper Hewitt
This museum, in one word: underwhelming. It's a stunning home-turned-museum, and the people running it hide the home to give the art the focus. When you have a museum in a house like this, it's immoral to hide the home. If you want to celebrate and share art, and the museum building is a piece of architectural art, don't hide it. I want the entire staff fired, the house refurbished to it's original state and start anew. Also, more art! The place is empty. Thank God I didn't pay admission. It's free for a week or so, during National Design Week. Go now before it goes back to $20/person. (Rip off)

Ruby Tuesday
Deep in the hellpit of Times Square there is an oasis... Ruby Tuesday. Yes it's not some hip hole in the wall, it's a chain. However, the salad bar gives you a ton of veggies for about $10. A cheap and healthy eat. Rare in this over-priced city. And even rarer in tourist-stuffed Times Square.

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