Thursday, October 2, 2008

Caroline's on Broadway: made me uncomfortable

At the Caroline's Comedy Club stand-up show I watched last night, there were three pre-show comedians and one headliner. The headliner: very entertaining, positive, gleeful, not my type of comedy but he definitely had a positive attitude and gave a great big show.

There was one thing really got under my skin about the other three: they talked about how we weren't laughing when we weren't laughing... and not in a creative, charming way.

They gave us many reasons why we weren't laughing: we are quiet by nature, we are stupid or we are rude (how dare we come to their place of work and not laugh at them). It bounced between these three... after almost every single joke.

I never saw a moment when these three made an adjustment to suit the crowd or even acknowledge that THEY might be the reason we're not laughing.

It got so bad, so uncomfortable at times that I thought it must be a "thing" stand-up comedians do: make a semi-not-good situation hellish.

I learned so much from the three guys:
1. It's your job to get the audience to like you.
2. If they don't like you, be positive and move forward.
3. Don't blame anyone if you have no plan B, C, D, and on...
4. Quiet from the audience doesn't mean they're not entertained.
5. Stand-up is hard if your material sucks and you have a bad attitude.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving my "friend" a chance.

Mark Baratelli said...

Who are you and who is your "friend"? One of the comedians? If so, which one?