Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I got spat on at Starbucks

Friends Don't Let Friends Drink Starbuck bumper sticker, Pony Espresso Coffee Shop, Wickenburg, Arizona
Wickenburg, Arizona 3-27-08
Photo Credit: me

I TOTALLY forgot to share this story. So yesterday I was at a Starbucks (one I've only bought a coffee at, never sat down for 4 hours and worked on something like I did yesterday) and I'm working on a whole new (I know, you're thrilled, right? Shut up. I think it looks hot.) and out of nowhere, this girl who is standing behind me (I am seated, diligently working on my laptop) laughs... and she f***ing spits Mocha-Frappa-Whatever ALL OVER MY BACK and my table, my arms and a bit on my laptop screen. Go ahead and laugh. It's funny as hell. I was in shock, like I had just been mugged. I turn around and the girl runs into the bathroom.

She has a friend though. I acknowledge that I have been spit upon. haha. I don't know what I say but it's something stupid probably. The spatting girl came out of the bathroom after she calmed down and apologized and then... left with her friend.

I got my own napkins, I wiped her Mocha-Spit off my sweater (which hasn't been cleaned in weeks anyways) and sit down to my laptop... and there's her Mocha-Spit on my screen. I ge up again and wipe the screen off. Then I see her spit-speckles here and there on the arms of my sweater, the table, the keyboard... it's just surreal.

Someone spat all over me at a Starbucks.


Michelle Dolezel said...

Wow Mark! That's so random! Who spits and doesn't dab you clean?!? If I were her, I would be mortified for such behavior...

Laura :) said...

That may be one of the funniest things I've ever heard!

Mark Baratelli said...

I understand why she spat on me: she let out n unexpected laugh and she just happened to be standing behind me. But then to run into the bathroom? And then to come out of the bathroom, apologize, then leave the store. Retarded.