Friday, October 31, 2008

Photos: Central Park


I walked around Central Park yesterday. Wow. I did it again today. Even more wow. The leaves. Maybe because I'm from Florida and we don't have leaves, but just looking at orange and yellow leaves is like, wow. My photos of Central Park from yesterday.

So today when I got to Central Park, I checked my camera (charged, empty memory card ready to be filled up, Central Park staring at me in all it's leafy goodness) and it was telling me I had one photo left to take on my memory card. Long story short, it was giving me trouble yesterday, so I bought a new memory card. Today, more trouble. There I was, at Central park, ready to snap away, and I couldn't. So I just walked around and pretended like seeing it all was as good as taking photos of it all.

When I see something that makes me want to take a photo, it's like, in my gut. So when I can't, and those "somethings" are all around me, on a walk, for over an hour. Yeah, frustrating.

When the walk was done and I was on my way home, I realized. My new memory card... that I thought was back home in Brooklyn.. was in my damn camera case.


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dennabeena said...

you know, some of those central park pics would make lovely wallpaper of the day/ week