Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rain: it's a bitch

Guerilla Art in store windows: Sick Tweety bird
This is how I felt today because of the rain
(A piece by the artist Banksy)

Rain: it's a bitch
I step out of my apartment today around 2:30pm to go into the city for a full day of activity and leisure and one errand... and the rain began. A slight rain, nothing requiring an umbrella, but a menacing presence always there, all day, making me cold, making me duck under awnings for a respite, turn away from outside activities I had come into the city to do and, worst of all, made me leave the city before I was through my day.

It got worse. I needed an umbrella. But, the wind was so bad at times that having one appeared more aggravating than helpful. So I didn't buy one. So I got wetter as the day progressed.

The rain did not end, even as I was walking into my apartment at 9:15pm.

Rain is a bitch.

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