Tuesday, October 14, 2008


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Put a Ring on it
Gad! I cannot get enough of Beyonce's new video and song. It's like it's 2004/Crazy in Love all over again. The 'ography is killer, the concept is killer. And yes, I am retarded.

My goal
I have decided that before I die, I want to be in a Blue/Varietease production as a singer. There, it's out. I've been hiding this for a LONG time. I SO want to collaborate with that whole gaggle of creatives. I'm being all "The Secret" here. Make it happen, universe.

I did my third ever official NYC reading tonight. After three readings, what have I learned? If I don't understand the plot and my place in it, I suck. This same thing happens in improv. I'm grateful I got to have these three readings/experiences before I head off on the road to scream at Jesus for seven months.


Anonymous said...

Porno! Porno? I knew it would happen one day. Didn't I tell you over and over NOT to do that.

Wake up!

ks rives said...

Come tell us what you want to do before you die:

Mark Baratelli said...

These are two of the most random comments I've ever gotten on this blog. I was expecting a nice, NORMAL Hodos quote. Instead... these two pieces of odd.