Saturday, November 29, 2008

New Christian Siriano book featuring my photography?

McQueen!!!! (who is he?)
The photo they want for the book

Today I was contacted by Brad Walsh asking me if he could use my photo of the Alexander McQueen shop in New York City I have in my Flickr account.

Brad Walsh is a musician who Perez Hilton said is " of (his) favorite electro rockers. This unsigned artist is totally tearing up the music scene in New York."

Walsh wants my photo to use in a new book by Christian Siriano. Wow! I am guessing he was searching "Alexander McQueen" and came across my photo on Flickr. Something funny: notice the title of the photo. Walsh mentions it in his email below:

I'm working on getting some images for Christian Siriano's upcoming book, and inside there's a section on Alexander McQueen. He wants to include a photo of the store, and you have a great one on your Flickr account. Our deadline is two days from now, so we're in a rush; would you be willing to let us use your photo in his book? It's the one titled "McQueen!!!! who is he?" Please email me at ************** if so! You'd really be helping us out! You'd get a photo credit, of course.



Ed said...

Frickin awesome!!!!!! Go, thing!

Mark Baratelli said...

Right? We will see.

Summer said...

Wow, what did you tell him?

Mark Baratelli said...

I said yes and sent him a link to the hi-rez version. He wrote back and said the link didn't work. I emailed him the high-rez version as an attachment. We'll see if it gets into the book or not or if this is even or real. I mean, Marc Shaiman supposedly left a comment on The Daily City blog but I have no proof that's really him. I have no proof if this book thing is real either. All these phantasmagorical things happen and when it comes down to it, I'll believe it when I see it. Ya know?