Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008: I doubt it

Where I had Christmas Day lunch

Lunch: The waiter attempts to make a fabulous first impression by bringing me two foot-long breadsticks standing upright in an empty drinking glass... just as I stand up to go look at the Antipasto Bar, which was 20 versions of carbs and oil. Awkward conversation begins. Later, I get asked to join a woman and her friend at their table because I am "alone at Christmas." I thought this was nice.

Coffee: The Starbucks line was double-looped. I'd say there were 20 people in line and 10 people waiting for their drinks. An angry man left the line and walked past me saying "Y'all must really want you're coffee." I didn't. I was just killing time before the...

Movie: I slept through "Doubt" in the handicapped row next to an elderly woman.

Coffee Again: I went back to the busy Starbucks and one of the employees recognized me. The line was just as long and just as fun to wait in.

Me in twenty years

Christmas greetings from Burbank

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