Monday, December 15, 2008


Guerilla Art in store windows: Sick Tweety bird

You can't spend more than half an hour outside. It's that cold. If you do go outside, your face hurts and you can feel the snow through your shoes. No kitchen. Not even a microwave or fridge in your room. And no grocery store, Wal Mart, or Target to buy food. Your only food choices are expensive sit-down places, the mall food court or the snack machine in the hotel. This was Anchorage. Now you know what I haven't blogged for a week.


summer said...

AH, so you were dying of starvation? I understand. What city are you in now? Do they have affordable food choices in a warmer clime?

Mark Baratelli said...

I went back and forth between eating unhealthy or unhealthy and not cheap. Frustrating. I am now in LA with nicer weather. I dunno about about the food selection near the hotel. We'll see. Though, they do have a grocery store a mile away in an unsafe part of town.