Friday, December 26, 2008

LA Day 5: A pot of cocoa at The Beverly Hills Hotel

I ordered the "pot of hot cocoa" downstairs at the "Fountain Coffee Room" and imagined it being served in as ritzy-ditzy a fashion as the other foo-foo chee-chee places provided me (see above). At The Plaza, they give you your own silver pot on a silver tray, a cute white mug and a dish with three kinds of nuts. At The Standard they could serve your coffee in their hands and I'd have been happy cuz you're on the roof on a 14 story building in the middle of downtown LA. And Chadz Cafe in Montana was local coffee house style at it's best.

So, now comes my new warm-beverage adventure: hot cocoa at the Beverly Hills Hotel. I agree to pay the $5, am excited to find out how big a "pot" of cocoa is, and to taste what the Beverly Hills Hotel calls cooca.

Swiss fucking Miss. They served me Swiss Miss instant "cocoa." I asked the waiter if my guess was right, and he proved it by showing me the Swiss Miss bag.

Fountain Coffee Room, Beverly Hills Hotel
Fuck you Fountain Coffee Room
at the Beverly Hills Hotel


Anonymous said...

Welcome to 90210!

You should show your readers a photo of yourself in the Beverly Hills Hotel drinking Swiss Miss.

In addition, you have the makings for a real "Coffee Table" book here.

Well done. Think I'll go have some hot cocoa now.

Stacie Johnsen said...

I call shananigans on the beverly Hills Hotel!

Mark Baratelli said...

On suggestion from Anonymous, I added a photo of me drinking the Swiss Miss. And Stacie, this shananigans AND tom-foolery.

Summer said...

Can I have your permission to start using the phrase,
" Foo Foo, Chee chee "?

Mark Baratelli said...

Summmer- I would be most honored.