Saturday, December 6, 2008

On ice

It's Saturday morning. Last night I performed in an ice hockey stadium. The rink was covered with a flooring, folding chairs were placed in rows and folks sat in those rows and in some of the arena seating on either side of the stage. Backstage, it was so cool. It was as if you removed the walls of a theatre and left the stage, the rigging, the lights and costumes and sets.

I tried Canadian tacos for dinner at the arena. $3.50 a piece. What they call tacos, we call burritos.

There was NOTHING open after the show to eat. The pub stopped serving food before we got there. The steak house was closed. The awesome diner next door was closed. But did I let that deter me from walking in the semi-sleet weather, ice-on-the-ground conditions looking for food for an hour? No. I ended up buying a coke through a safety window at a gas station and sharing a Dominoes "5 pizzas for $25" special with some folks. We ate with 4 drunk parents at a table next to us in the lobby breakfast area. They were obnoxious and the desk guy had to come over and shush them. But instead of shushing them, they freaking shushed us. I just ate my pizze, drank my Coke Zero.

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Shannon said...

I think you'll get over the arena thing REAL quick. :)