Monday, December 1, 2008

Palm Desert California Day 1 and 2

November 28, 2008: My seat mate took this with my camera while I was asleep as we got close to Palm Desert.

November 29, 2008: Saturday was a 2-show day. I woke up kinda early-ish, caught the free hotel breakfast and walked to the "Rodeo Drive" of the desert, as people at the Best Western called it. It was a pretty walk, but the shops were lame. The experience was like an outdoor mall. But I enjoyed the sun, temperature and the fact I could wear shorts.

El Paseo sign dramatically lit by the sun

Street view


Summer said...

Are you having fun on this tour? It seems that last tour you talked a bit more about the show and the performances you did. This time, you haven't mentioned much except the one time your mic went out. I want more show stories!!

Mark Baratelli said...