Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Photo shoot

NOTE: Feel free to share the LINK to this post, but these photos are property of Mark Baratelli and cannot be copied, taken or used in any way.

We had a photo shoot in Portland, Oregon to create photos for press use and for the new tour book which will be sold in the lobby before shows. I dunno when that comes out. I asked a friend in the cast to snap a few pictures while the professional photographer did his thing. They turned out nice, so I aksed the show's PR person if I could share them online. She said yes, so here's a full look at the costumes, set and cast that appear during the song.

Here's the set and cast (minus two singers not pictured) that appear onstage during the song

For "You can do it on your head," I used the pita bread as a hat one day during a rehearsal and they kept it.

The photographer getting a close-up. Aren't the girls hot and hilarious?

Another close-up. I had to scowl at Ted and make sure the robe puddled correctly.

In a rehearsal, I slid to the ground and on "I'm a captive fan" I kicked my legs. It's in the show.

Entering at the very top of the song, staring blankly out into the audience, eating pita bread.

The last note of the song I obnoxiously scoop way up high then hold it. I made this up in my bedroom before rehearsals began and they kept it. The pose? I know I've seen it in some Broadway photo book. Do you know where I got it? I can't remember.

I say "...raising from the dead," Razz (one of the stunning/hot/talented back-up show girls) says "No!" and I turn and say "Yes!"

The cape is heavy. I am starting to get used to "working the cape" more during the song.


Summer said...

YES!!!!!! This is what I wanted!!!!! You look precious and adorable and I'm currently listening to the Herod song while looking at the photos. I love the one of you on the ground with your legs in the air.....such a typical Baratelli move.

Margaret said...

Heels to Jesus! Oy my...

Shannon said...

I'm happy you posted these!

Mark Baratelli said...

You're right about the legs in air pose, Summer:

akeorlando said...

Those sure are some shiny boots you've got on your feet!

Mark Baratelli said...

I am a 1980s Spaceman Aerobics Instructor.