Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Photos: the theatre

Marquee at the theatre

The other side of the marquee is not blank.

The actor who played my role the last two years.

This sign is a couple blocks down the street from the theatre. I thought I was in Beverly Hills, but a local corrected me. It's in LA. ...but the sign!

Next door: Dolly Saken's School of the Arts. I'm taking tap.

On the very next block: Larry Flynt and Hustler

The stage and proscenium

From the back

Seating and a group of 15 watching our mic check

The backstage area is CRAMPED. I share a dressing room at this theatre with half the male cast, some chickens and a watermelon storage box. The room is the size of my shoe with my foot in it. But since it's the biggest room back stage (kid you not) it's become the sort-of green room, since the green room is taken up by the band since there is no pit. Oh yes.

Poster hanging right outside my dressing room. Wednesday night I spoke with a person who SAW this show two years ago who said it was awful. He said Linda Evans cannot act and that the theatre was packed opening night and empty the rest of the two-week run.

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Summer said...

The set looks cool. You should have stolen that poster to sleep underneath when riding on the bus.