Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ooh Boots!

Vancouver: city of condos and NOTHING ELSE. Avoid it.

I am in Ancourage, Alaska, not Vancouver. I was in Vancouver a couple days ago. I waited for you. Thanks for flaking out on me.

So tonight for the song, I had a new set (ie: a completely new stage set). Normally, my back is to the audience and "the girls" are around me, hiding me. Then they "reveal" me and I turn around and step forward chomping on a pita, holding a gold cup and smiling like a retard. Tonight they presented me, but I ran downstage, up three platforms and struck THE gayest pose ever, almost center stage. Something between a supermodel and a drag queen.

So I strike the pose and the audience is dead silent. So, I shuffle my feet, look around, take a few steps back and forth, wave my cape a bit, then I look down at my boots and point at them and, I kid you not, say "Ooh boots." They laugh, I start the song, and it rolls on smoothly.

Today I woke up just in time to go to 12pm rehearsal which lasted until 5pm. I ran Herod once and did the Temple scene (where I walk through the crowd with a cane) once. Well hey, it was an easy day, on the positive side.

I had about an hour between that and the show. I went to the mall food court a block away and ate a 12 inch Subway sub alone. So sad, right? Shut up. I hate people. Then I walked back to the theatre in the snow, did the show, then walked to the hotel.

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Summer said...

What is sadder: You eating a 12 in. Sub alone or that the audience clearly lacks in the social refinement to enjoy your gay poses?

I wish I were a single gal so I could use my extra air miles I accrued while flying town to town in my power bitch single woman job, and go follow you from town to town.