Wednesday, December 10, 2008

You made this eskimo laugh

Baird's Cleaners, Boise, Idaho

I got my very first audience email tonight:
"Just wanted to say what a Terrific job you did tonight in the opening show of (the show) in Anchorage! You made this Eskimo laugh! Great job." -Mark A.
Now that I've heard from an Eskimo, I would like an audience email from a cowboy, an astronaut, a truck driver and a female lounge singer.

I won't call this Eski-mail actual "fan mail" because he didn't ask for a lock of hair, an autographed photo or a dinner date. These types of requests constitute fan mail. And a restraining order. Hey-oh!

But back to this Eskimo with a keen sense for talent. Thank you for taking the time from your day to write this nice email. Touring is rough as hell. I love this job and am grateful for it, but a compliment is few and far between. So thank you for coming to the show, thank you for enjoying it and thank you again for the email.

Now go start me a fan club.

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Summer said...

I love the Fur cleaning place.