Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fifty bucks: a reoccuring theme

What I spent at Starbucks in December
I spent $50 on coffee in one month. That's not giving me coffee daily, just coffee on a few days. And why do I drink it? Caffeine for my brain, the warmth I feel while holding the cup and the friendly ritual of putting in my 4 Splendas and my 2% milk and stirring. Stupid. For 2009, I am giving up Starbucks. Yes it will be hard as hell, but maybe I'll find a cheaper (or free?) way to get caffeine and warmth and friendly ritual. Maybe when my tour ends, I'll start sneaking into hotels and stealing their free coffee.

Monthly student loan finance charges
Every month they add a $50 finance charge to my account. And that's after I pay my bill of $172.

Monthly phone bill
Starting in 2009, my phone bill will be $50. I turned off my $20/month phone internet bill. No texting, no email, no IM, and no internet. Then in June, my bill will be zero. I am getting rid of my cell phone. The amount of use I get from it does not match it's expense.

Total for a year
These little $50 monthly bills equal to $600 each or $1,800 total.

Check out this website is neat. I signed up for it tonight and it gives you a clear perspective on where your money is going. Times are rough as hell right now. I need to be saving all I can while I am still employed. I'm giving Mint a shot at helping me with that.


Summer said...

Thank you for that link. I am going to forward it to Mike so that he can take a look at it. He and I have been baffled why there is a week out of EVERY month that we are litterally scraping the barrel to pay for ANYthing. We make enough money that it shouldn't be that way, and compared to most people our age, we have very little debt, so I want us to start writing every single little thing we spend money on so we know where the shit is going. We too have also been cancelling all of our exterraneous stuff too, like Netflix, cable and whatnot.

Mark Baratelli said...

Cool. Yeah that site makes these tables automatically just based on the data it collects from your credit card and bank info. Very cool stuff.