Saturday, January 17, 2009

Five shows in three days. You're welcome.

I want to meet the Enchanted Florist
Austin, TX. Photo credit: me

Overwork and underpants
Last night I "opened" our three day run in San Antonio. I've got two shows Saturday and two Sunday. Just call me an over-worked American. I half-ass the matinees so don't worry about the fatigue factor. The stage manager gives me shit about it, but (a) it's not my job to follow his rules and (b) he's in charge of the techs, not the actors. it's his job to make sure the sand bag is tied and the curtain moves up and down. It's my job to access the talent he was not born with, squirt it all over the stage and let the audience mop it up with their applause.

The Alamo. Or shall we say, the stupid pile of rocks. One good thing: it's free. Other than that, Texas needs to rethink the entire experience from top to bottom. The roof of the church is fake, they don't let you take pictures inside (um, it's a tourist destination) and the story was told by unclear, poorly designed signage. I am not even trying to be funny: they need to totally rethink this tourist experience. Lackluster, dull, lifeless and poorly lit. Remember not to go to the Alamo (until they re-do it).

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