Saturday, January 17, 2009

Good morning San Antonio

(Austin, TX) This is where that fat guy cracked a beer bottle on my face and got arrested. No, they didn't find my gun. And this is where that chick with the wig and the Nancy Wilson (the black one, not the one in "Heart") t-shirt asked me to autograph her son's cast.

Good morning San Antonio
I left the hotel room this morning for a shitty Subway sammich. Nasty ass shit. Hate that place. And then I walked a block to get an Americano from "Sip," the coffee shop on the corner. Those 'tards SCREAM your name when your order is ready. I didn't want to say anything about it because they wouldn't understand. They think their screaming "Richard ham sandwich cut in thirds your order's ready at the bar" is normal. Why would they listen to me tell them otherwise?

I found a historic district on the San Antonio map to explore, but I just want to lay down and rest. I did this cocaine last night after walking to a taco cart that took me to a higher place in my life. I put in a ti-bo tape around 4am and did it three times, back to back, naked. My roommate was so pissed off he called the company manager but fuck them: I was getting a work out. Now I'm paying for it. Headache from hell and Subway vomit-food in my stomach. And I have to do TWO of these shows today. I was already planning on giving it my half-all today anyway.

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