Saturday, January 24, 2009

Six good stuffs and one oh shit

Good stuffs for Saturday Jan 24:
1. Last night I asked the front desk if they'd bump their 7am breakfast up to 6:30am so we could eat before leaving and they did. As someone reiterated to me tonight, it's the little things.

2. On pee break number one, which was at a truck stop/gas station/salad bar (not kidding), someone found these battery-powered furry dancing dogs that swiveled their hips to "Rock Around the Clock" and someone else found a sign that said "Truckers for Christ." I got photos.

3. Because (a) I had breakfast which (b) put me in a good mood which (c) made the 5-hour bus ride fun which bled into the remainder of the day, I got through a two-show day without much internal (emotional) bleeding.

4. I'm on a new bus. I have more room on the floor, I have my own seat, and the guy across from me doesn't sleep on the floor, so I can stretch all the way out.

5. The theatre today bought the cast sandwiches. So I had a free breakfast and lunch. Hey!
Sunday Jan 25: Oh Shit
I have a 5am bus call, an 8-hour bus ride and an 8pm show. Sleeping pills ATTACK.


Summer said...

I don't know how you touring kids do it. I tried it once when I was eleven and just getting out of that "baby fat" phase. I performed in an Aquatic Review On Land! show that used underage actors to pretend we were midgets pretending to be sea creatures. We weren't allowed to have sleeping pills, but did on occasion get a few glasses of a cheap cabernet before long bus rides. The alchohol coupled with lack of quality sleep made my voice total shit. I was dismissed into the custody of a second cousin in Paducah Kentucky with one weeks severance and a note telling people of my unprofessionalism. I was blackballed from all touring companies from that point on, and is the main reason I make my living performing at theme parks as they have no such high standards.
So sir, I salute you.

Nicole said...

Those damn Nebraskans can sure be hospitable. I'm glad you got sandwhiches because you put on a good show. Thank you!

Mark Baratelli said...

Summer: Why you so damn funny???? It sounds like someone slipped you the cabernet again right before you wrote that comment. :)

Nicole: Thank you!!!

Summer said...

You are an inspiration to my funny. I love your sense of humor as it is almost exactly as bizzare as my own.