Saturday, January 24, 2009

You can film me

Reporters and Police in Riverside Park, New York City

My take on Patti LuPone screaming at and embarrassing an audience member taking photos of her is below.

That poor schmo paid money (probably) to sit in that chair. If he doesn't know about theatre etiquette, didn't hear the announcement, doesn't speak English or is retarded or simply wanted to remember the moment he was experiencing and take a photo of it (which iis how all Americans capture memories) then he deserves an apology.

Yes, it's a theatre. Yes, it's a show. But Broadway is a theme park and you're in a theme park show. And as I read earlier this evening, if a baseball player can focus enough to do his job while 60,000 people scream and take photos, then what's your problem? Acting is hard as hell, but so is earning the money to come to see you act.

This news story of LuPone's has made me change my mind about folks bringing cameras and video equipment into theatres. I think they should. I think they deserve to. And if I suck or fall down and they capture it, hey. Life's rough. I'll survive. Beyonce ddn't close shop cuz she fell down those stairs at her Orlando concert.

And if audience members find it rude that the person is snapping away, there's a house manager you can talk to. Take care of it yourself. otherwise, film and snap away.

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