Sunday, February 8, 2009

Baltimore to West Point

Sun Feb 8, 2009: Today was bearable. I woke up early, hit the gym, took a sleeping pill, boarded the bus at 7am, watched two episodes of Anderson Cooper's 360 podcast and one episode of 30 Rock. That. Show. Is. Funny. I then thumbed through the New York Times and sipped a Starbucks (sounds almost humane, doesn't it?) before the sleeping pill swooped me up into it's soft arms and dragged me to sleep on it's feathered back.

Lehigh Acres, a town I spent a few years growing up in, was on the cover of the New York Times. The town is dying because no one is buying houses and everyone lost their jobs. The town had 30,000 houses from 1950 to 2000. Then from 2001 to present, they built 30,000 more houses. Now they're selling for 1/3 what it cost to build them.

We rode straight to the theatre for 2pm sound check and 4pm show, then rode to the hotel. I am sitting atop my bed inside a castle-shaped hotel at West Point academy (the military school) writing about myself.

Today begins a three-day span of soul-killing*** travel days:
Sun Feb 8: (Today) 7am-1:30pm bus, 4pm show
Mon Feb 9: 5am bus call, 500 mile day (10 hours), no show
Tues Feb 10: dunno the bus call, but 250 miles, 8pm show
***This blog is ALL about over-the-top descriptions of my life. I don't mean half the stuff I say.


Summer said...

30 Rock is one of only four shows I keep up with on tv. Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin are the freakin' shit.

Mark Baratelli said...

The lines, the delivery, the stories... I sincerely think it's quality tv.