Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Feb 23: Columbus Day 2

Columbus Ohio collage

Cold Morning: I'm in Columbus, Ohio, staying indoors after a brief hour-long walk around my hotel downtown. I was without the coat I left in Orlando, but with three layers of shirts and two pairs of gloves from Walgreens. The only gloves they had were red. Combine that with the yellow sweatshirt I wore and you have yes, a bald Ronald McDonald walking the streets of Columbus taking pictures of blank walls.

Homeless in Columbus: Downtown Columbus is clean and the requisite homeless people are too. The armless one (I'm not lying) on the corner whistled while swaying back and forth on the ground next to his coin bucket. Another one stopped me as I was walking out of a church and asked if I knew "where they sold newspapers." That's a new one to me. And I think the person at my hotel's front desk thought I was homeless... or at least poor. When I asked her where I could buy a coat, she said "The Wal Mart is 15 miles away." Wal Mart??? Meeeeeee? :)

Monkey Business: The woman who got her face ripped off by a chimp is having surgery in Cleveland, where I will be in two days. I have my nurse costume with me, so get ready for some wacky photo fun.

Afternoon Photowalk: I did a photowalk and made the collage above. Every gallery in the Short North Arts District was closed. The doggy apparel shop was open. Two downtown buildings, formerly banks, were across the street from one another. One is now a Radisson, the other is an events space and both have those old-timey bank vaults you could walk inside. The Radisson used theirs for the breakfast buffet. I didn't go into the other one.

The Palace Theatre: ...is the best of both worlds: historic/beautiful in the house and renovated/modern back stage. (See Photos) Last night after having a week off where I NEVER once thought about this show, I was a little wobbly in the lyrics department. I know the lyrics, let's be clear. But I was searching for them and when you're searching for them, you can't act. But you CAN over-act, and that is what I did. Sorry, Columbus.

Party: After the show a cast member who is from Columbus and his parents threw a little cast party at a local bar called "Elevator." There's no elevator in it, nor napkins, but there was a server who looked like she used to be pretty and an abundance of veggies, chicken wangs and white plates. I met a few locals who were friends of the party-throwing cast member, including his brother (a hair stylist), a woman who is a buyer for Express (women's outerwear and dresses) and a woman whose husband owns a ski shop for which she does the bookkeeping.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mark: I recently discovered that several members of the cast and crew of JCS have blogs or web sites...I have been enjoying reading yours....Your an interesting and entertaining man....I hope you get someplace warm soon....or at least find a warm coat to wear...I hope to see the show in Daytona when you are here in March... Linda B.

Mandie said...

Hi Mark! Thanks for the shout out :o) I'm the dresses/outerwear buyer you met last night. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your evening and had a great show tonight!!

Happened upon your blog when I was searching for your facebook (which doesn't work....) and I love it!!

Hope to hear from you soon!


Summer said...

Yeah Mark doesn't have a facebook account since that sexual predator lured him to a Chuckee Cheese and made him do things to the drum playing Gorilla.....things I can't mention again here on this family blog. You know what I mean...things.....like things to butts.