Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Money: a boring read

The Standard: rooftop coffee
My money problem since starting this job was this: each month my bank account would go up at the same rate as my credit card debt. But the debt was always $1k more then the bank account amount. How could this be? I make shitty money, but not THAT shitty.

And the only reason I even had credit card debt to begin with was I lived off my tour savings summer 2008 and didn't work. Shame on me. So for the months after I knew I was getting this gig, I lived using this zero percent interest APR intro-rate credit card.
I asked my credit card company what was going on. They didn't know.

I asked people who were good with money. They couldn't figure it out.

I read that free Suze Orman book Oprah was giving away on her wesite

I decreased my monthly cell bill by $20 each month by shutting off internet access.

I signed up for Mint.com and have been watching my finances more carefully.

I've been more aware of how much I am spending on food, THE biggest expenditure while on this job.
But still no answer to why there was a leak in my finances. If I couldn't figure this out, I would be working for the next five months only to leave this job (a) in credit card debt and (b) with zero savings.

I kept the thought of "Why?" bouncing around in my head and came up with a solution. I had some spare cash in another savings account and I would use that to pay off my credit card debt. Done. I did it today. I am also not using my credit card for food purchases and am using Mint.com, so hopefully I will be able to figure out if there really is something fishy going on, or if I was just doing incorrect math.

So from here on out, I should be seeing some sort of savings, as my expenses (storage unit in Orlando, student loans, ROTH IRA, food, phone, web site fees) cannot possibly more than my income.

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