Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Terry's coming back for the next two weeks.

Here it comes
After four days in Philadelphia, I started two weeks of one-nighters and daily travel days yesterday. Here are the cities I'll perform in and the miles I'll travel each day.
February 5 Syracuse, NY 374 miles
February 6-7 Baltimore, MD 330 miles
February 8 West Point, NY 245 miles
February 9 700 travel day 350 miles
February 10 Toledo, OH 350 miles
February 11 South Bend, IN 152 miles
February 12 Wabash, IN 78 miles
February 13-14 Madison, WI 297 miles
February 15 Platteville, WI 69 miles
I boarded the bus pissed the hell OFF! No reason. In fact, my pre-bus morning was superb: beautiful FREE gym, breakfast, coffee... And then I get on the bus and I am like "Mrah!!!!" (That's a lion roar) A friend helped me calm down. He does what I am calling "the parakeet." He slowly pulls the hood on my hoodie over my head while saying "Let's the put the birdy to sleep."

No Opps
We get to Indiana, Pennsylvania after a 100 mile ride and we are told there are no restaurants (or as they are called on the tour, "food opps", with "opps" being short for "opportunities") near the hotel and only one op near the theatre: La Bell de Taco. So praise Jesus for Wal Mart.

Yay Wal Mart
This worked out great. My old suitcase's zipper broke a week ago so I was able to buy a new one at Wal Mart for $15. And, I was in dire need of shoes, so I bought some ghetto-ass $17 shoes. I also bought some healthy stuff for dinner and some post-show snacks. Wal Mart is heaven when you're on tour.

Two hours off the bus
Before the show I hit the gym AGAIN (my Mom saw a photo of me and she said, and I quote, "Don't get fat on tour like you did last time. You can't be bald, broke, loveless AND fat. Jesus."), had dinner at the desk in my hotel room and then went to the theatre for the little musical program.

Dennys: you treat poor people bad
At the theatre I had a fun conversation with some people about Denny's free Grand Slam breakfast PR stunt. They say they spent 5 million on (a) 2 million free meals, (b) labor and (c) a Super Bowl ad. You know what that means? It costs Dennys around a buck for the Grand Slam, which they then turn around and charge people IN THIS ECONOMY around five bucks. And they're trying to posture this free meal as a sign that Dennys is cheap and poor folks should come back to them. Please.

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Summer said...

I am sorry but your mom's quote made me laugh.
Put the birdy to sleep.